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Professional Chinese Courses in Shanghai
Both in china and online, TailorMade Chinese Center focuses on quality Chinese language education programs, mostly to foreign professionals but also to individuals from all ages and countries willing to learn Chinese for leisure. No matter if you are already living in Shanghai or planning to do so, visiting from time to time for business purposes, travelling or coming for few weeks to learn through intensive Chinese lessons, we propose adapted solutions for customized training programs and concrete results.
TailorMade’s efforts to provide high quality training programs combined with professional Chinese teachers and customized services were recently rewarded as the school received the Expat Life Award  « Beijing’s Best Chinese Language School » for the year 2016.
You can choose regular Group Lessons at our Jing’an Chinese school, few steps away from the cross between Jiaozhou Road and Wuding Road. You can also learn Chinese in private group with your Shanghai colleagues or friends, or study Mandarin through 1 to 1 classes from your office or home with one of our qualified teacher. Indeed, all our Chinese teachers hold genuine language university degrees, no certificates, either in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, Chinese literature, English, German or French. Our teachers are all native Chinese, and speak fluent English.