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【Learn Chinese】Marvel Heroes in Chinese
Love the Marvel Cinematic Universe but don’t know how to talk about it in Chinese? We are here to help. Let’s start!
First steps: how do you say the name of the Marvel Comics Company in Chinese?
Marvel in Chinese is 漫威 (màn wēi). There’s no meaning to this word; 漫威 sounds like Marvel. Here is an example of using it in a sentence:
Why do you like Marvel movies? 你为什么喜欢漫威?(Nǐ wèi shén me xǐ huān Màn wēi)
I love the movie characters. 我喜欢电影里的人物。(Wǒ xǐ huān diàn yǐng lǐ de rén wù)
The Character Names
Here is how to say five Marvel characters
Captain America 美国队长 (Měi guó duì zhǎng)
Captain America in Chinese is 美国队长 (Měi guó duì zhǎng). It is a literal translation. 美国 (Měi guó) means “America” and 队长 (Duì zhǎng) means “captain.” In Chinese, Steve Rogers is 史蒂夫·罗杰斯 (Shǐ dì fū·luō jié sī). 
Iron Man 钢铁侠 (Gāng tiě xiá)
He is one of the richest heroes in the Marvel Universe. Iron Man in Chinese is 钢铁侠 (Gāngtiě xiá). Its literal translation is “iron hero.” 钢铁 (Gāng tiě) in Chinese means “steel” and 侠 (Xiá) means “hero.” Tony Stark in Chinese is 托尼·史塔克 (Tuō ní·shǐ tǎ kè).
Thor 雷神/索尔 (Léi shén/Suǒ ěr)
Thor has two names in Chinese. One is 雷神 (Léi shén) and the other is 索尔 (Suǒ ěr). 雷神 literally means “God of Thunder”; 雷 (Léi) is “thunder” and 神 (Shén) is “god.” 索尔 sounds similar to Thor.
It is hard for Chinese speakers to make the “th” sound so Thor’s name becomes 索尔 (Suǒ ěr) to make it easier for native speakers to pronounce.
Black Widow 黑寡妇 (Hēi guǎ fù)
She is a woman of confidence and strength. Black Widow’s Chinese name is 黑寡妇 (Hēi guǎ fù), which is a literal translation. 黑 (Hēi) means “black” and 寡妇 (Guǎ fù) means “widow.” Natasha Romanoff’s full name is 娜塔莎·罗曼诺夫 (Nà tǎ shā·luómàn nuò fū) in Chinese.
Shang-Chi 尚气 (Shàng qì)
Shang-Chi is the kung fu master. Shang-Chi’s name in Chinese is 尚气 (Shàng qì). 尚 (Shàng) means “esteemed” or “valued” and 气 (Qì) means “vital energy.” The name “Shang-Chi” is already a Chinese name; therefore, it was very easy to translate for native speakers.