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修身养性(xiū shēn yǎng xìng)
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Before you learn mandarin,you many be courious about Yinyang(阴阳) or just want to know more about Chinese culture especially you have been in shanghai China. Then i guess you need to know this Chinese idiom-修身养性(xiū shēn yǎng xìng)-in English is a form of self-cultivation.

  • What is the meaning of-修身养性(xiū shēn yǎng xìng)

Chinese idiom,修身养性,learn Chinese in shanghaiIn English is A form of self-cultivation,Moral: a person who read or just think for refering to the cultivation of body and mind, and strive to improve their ideological and moral standards. Character: the nature; mental damage. They will get the balance or perfect mind through self reflection and think without living with family.

You will find the same thing by reading THE enjoyment of life covers many things: the enjoyment of ourselves, of home life,of trees, flowers, clouds, winding rivers and falling cataracts and the myriad things in Nature, and then the enjoyment of poetry, art, contemplation, friendship,conversation, and reading, which are all some form or other of the communion of spirits.

  • Chinese idiom-修身养性(xiū shēn yǎng xìng)-Methods
  1. Don't think more about tomorrow,just foucs on today.
  2. Life is here.
  3. Stop trust illusion,face the turth.
  4. Enjoy feeling instead of thinking.
  5. Accept to unhappy feelings and things.
  6. Don't judge anyone without thinking.
  7. Don't to be the fans or trust anyone without thinking.
  8. To know who you are.
  9. Responsible to yourself.
  10. Take stock of yourself.
  • I.E. of Chinese idioms-修身养性(xiū shēn yǎng xìng)

shàng le nián jì jiù ān ān jìng jìng dì xiū shēn yǎng xìng yí yǎng tiān nián le
xiū shēn yǎng xìng de shí jiān dào le

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