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万里无云(wàn lǐ wú yún)
Date:2013-08-04 14:55 From:yanzhu 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection

I think talk weather is a good choice when you guys don't know each other. Chinese people is the same as British people who often start a conversation with strangers and friends by talking about the weather. Many people will talk to you "lovely day,isn't is?!" when it is sunshine. But in Chinese what is the "lovely day"? You got it-today we will learn A Chinese idiom-万里无云(wàn lǐ wú yún)

  • Chinese idiom-万里无云(wàn lǐ wú yún)

Chinese idiom,万里无云,learn Chinese in shanghai万里无云(wàn lǐ wú yún),it means a good weather such as cloud-free,cloudless.This saying is from a famous novel called Romance of the Western Chamber(西厢记). You can find the Idiom in followings: bì tiān wàn lǐ wú yún ,kōng láo juàn kè shēn xīn 。 碧天万里无云,空劳倦客身心。

  • What is the meaning of-万里无云(wàn lǐ wú yún)

万里无云(wàn lǐ wú yún),means a good day. in English people will say what heavenly weather or the weather has been gorgeous. Then when you think today is a good day or cloud-free day,you can talk to Chinese people in the street or bus station-Today is a good day(今天万里无云-jīn tiān wàn lǐ wú yún)。

  • I.E. of Chinese idioms-万里无云(wàn lǐ wú yún)

What heavenly weather today and we can go for a walk.
jīn tiān de tiān qì wàn lǐ wú yún ,hěn shì hé chū yóu 。
It is cloud-free and let's go for kite.
jīn tiān de tiān kōng wàn lǐ wú yún ,wǒ men yì qǐ qù fàng fēng zhēng
I love this kind of weather with cloud-free.
wǒ hěn xǐ huān wàn lǐ wú yún de tiān qì

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