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the joachim study idea

Date:2013-07-28 10:39 From:Jack 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection

Joachim was a learner who, right from the start, loved looking for people to chat to! Being warm, friendly and outgoing, he would go up to people in shops, markets and local parks and simply begin chatting with them. The presence of a Chinese person meant yet another opportunity for practicing his Chinese! And he enjoyed every minute of it! If he got himself into a situation where he couldn't understand what the conversation was about, he would simply say, "I'm sorry, I must be going now, but I've enjoyed getting to know you!" -- And then leave. Also, between classes, he would spend the time chatting with his teachers because he knew that they understood his level of Chinese and so would keep the conversation simple.

Joachim had an agile mind that allowed him to use the little vocabulary he knew in a creative way. And when he didn't know the correct word, he would be happy to act it out. One day he wanted to buy some glue. Not knowing the word, he said that he wanted something that puts two things together. The shopkeeper was still mystified as to what he wanted so Joachim drew a picture and gradually the shopkeeper understood! Joachim's friendly approach helped tremendously. When he made a mistake, he would laugh about it along with everyone else! Joachim knew that, because he was only a beginner, he would naturally make many mistakes. He also recognized that other people not only were willing to accept him as he was but were also willing to help and encourage him. So he used this to his advantage.

He is also someone who is willing to learn by trial and error. What works for him he continues to use; what doesn't work, he simply discards. He tried using flash cards (because he was told that this is a good way to memorize vocabulary). He found that this method didn't suit his approach to learning Chinese and so dropped it, simply writing out those words he found difficult to memorize on slips of paper. He also found that trying to memorize vocabulary in the evenings didn't work for him. So he switched to the early morning and soon discovered that vocabulary stuck much quicker. He also knew that he couldn't sit down at his desk for hours on end poring over his textbooks; soon he was up and off looking for people to practice with. He realized that vocabulary retention is more efficient when actually using it in conversation rather than simply sitting down at his desk and going through new vocabulary over and over again. This doesn't mean, however, that he didn't spend time preparing for his lessons; in fact, for every hour of class he spent an hour going over the lesson beforehand. But once he had done this, he was off outside!

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