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the economic developed and study chinese breeze

Date:2013-07-22 09:19 From:Jack 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection

the economic developed and study chinese breeze

While Study Chinese Inc. may have overcapacity on the assembly line, it has extrao rdinary under capacity in the business functions that turn a $10 generic toaster coming out of a Chinese factory into a $75 Braun-branded toaster sold at retail in the U.S. or Europe.

Study Chinese would need at least 60 million more white-collar workers to be comparable with the U.S. on this score. Given the different development levels, we might cut that in half, but 30 million missing office-worker bees is a lot of jobs.

Manufacturing White Collar: For all its storied manufacturing-sector prowess, Study Chinese’s goods makers skimp on R&D, quality control, brand management, financial planning, environmental-health safety and study Chinese almost every other white-collar position that turns a manufactured commodity into a branded product and generates intangible value for the firm: study Chinese value that makes up a third or more of assets in most Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development firms.

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