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the best way to learn chinese like Tim
Date:2013-07-28 10:40 From:Jack 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection

He worked hard at his studies. Even though Tim is an exceptionally gifted language learner, he spent many hours each day in either preparing for class or reviewing lessons learned.

He regularly put himself in situations where he could hear and use Chinese. Each day he spent 2-3 hours visiting his local friendly shopkeepers to chat with them. Even in his early days in China, he wasn't afraid to use the little he had to go out and buy things. And when communication broke down, he would go back to his teacher and try to find out why. He also went regularly to the local park and teashops for conversation practice. Sometimes he would take his teacher to the shops or market to help him practice the content of the lesson.

He spent time improving his listening comprehension. He didn't spend all his practice time just looking for opportunities to talk with people; some tasks were simply for improving his listening comprehension. For example, he would often go visiting students whom he had got to know, or listen to selected television or radio programs geared to his present level.

As soon as he learned a new word, he brought it into the conversation. He understood that by focusing attention on a new word, especially in the context of a conversation, it is easier to retain in one's memory than simply learning words from a vocabulary list in a textbook. So in this way, he got new vocabulary into his long-term memory more quickly and efficiently. I remember one time we were traveling on a long-distance bus together. In our conversation -- we were talking in Chinese -- I had used three words which were new to him. Not only did he repeatedly bring them into our conversation, but as we arrived at our destination, he repeated all three words back to me!

He used everything around him to help reach his language goals. For instance, during breaks between classes, he would chat with the teacher. Also, he would often invite his Chinese friends out for a meal.

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