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learn mandarin in shanghai|Talk about weather in Chinese
Date:2013-07-21 19:14 From:yanzhu 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection

For this article we will learn mandarin about talking weather.It's very hot in shanghai then i will say very hot instead of saying hello. Actually people would like to talk about weather particularly you don't know each other. That means it's always a safe topic for small talk with strangers.One of bloger said that" You can't bring up politics or sports with a random guy standing next to you in line or the cashier at the grocery store with getting into some sort of petty squabble, but commiserating about the shared experience of what happens under the sky is always safe."

  • But how to talk about weather in Chinese?

learn mandarin in shanghai|Talk about weather in ChineseNow we need to know four seasons all around the year.There are spring,summer,autumn,and winter,simplified Chinese is 春天,夏天,秋天,冬天,(in pinyin : chūn tiān,xià tiān,qiū tiān,dōng tiān). you must be attention to all of Chinese season words include tian(in day),so four seasons will be good in 春,夏,秋,冬。

you will know spring is warm with many different flowers and green plants;summer is hot with swimming,beach,bikini;autumn is full of yellow leaves,breeze,comfortable weather;winter is snowing,down jacket,skiing. So next i will teach you how to read and speak these signs of four seasons: 

  • Spring

spring,warm,sunny day,sprinkle or light rain,good weather.
chūn tiān - wēn nuǎn de ,qíng tiān ,xiǎo yǔ ,tiān qì hǎo
If your friend asks you what's the weather like? You can reply him it's raining or tiān qì bù hǎo or zhèng zài xià yǔ.

  • Summer

summer,hot,cloudy,thunder shower,burning hot.
xià tiān - yán rè de ,duō yún ,léi zhèn yǔ ,tiān qì hěn rè
These days we will talk about the burning hot weather when we see each other in the morning. Everyone is sweating heavily.you can say tiān qì hěn rè ,ràng rén hàn rú yǔ xià.(sweating like raining)

  • Autumn

cool,sunny,moderate rain,the weather is worse. 秋天-凉爽的,晴天,中雨,天气不好。
qiū tiān - liáng shuǎng de ,qíng tiān ,zhōng yǔ ,tiān qì bù hǎo
We can talk some topic such as,climbing mountains,looking red leaves,just feel the comfortable breeze.you could say zhēn liáng kuài or yī chǎng qiū yǔ yī chǎng liáng(the weather is cool or it is coming cool after moderate rain in the au ).

  • Winter

dōng tiān - hán lěng de ,xià xuě ,tiān qì hěn lěng 。
when winter is coming,people will say skiing is coming or snow man is coming,in Chinese is yòu kě yǐ huá xuě le ,huò zhě yòu kě yǐ duī xuě rén le.

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