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狐假虎威[hú jiǎ hǔ wēi]
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狐假虎威[hú jiǎ hǔ wēi]

There are a lot of Chinese idioms which are helpful for the foreigners who are trying to learn Chinese. Chinese idioms are usually composed of only four Chinese characters, and most of them come from short meaningful stories. 狐假虎威 is a story between tiger and fox. And it is used to describe the people who assume someone else's authority as his own.
【 chū zì 】:《zhàn guó cè·chǔ cè》
【出自】    :《战国策·楚策》
原文:虎求百兽而食之,得狐。狐曰:‘子 无敢 食我也!天帝使我长百兽,今子食我,是逆天帝之命也。子以我为不信,吾为子先行,子随我后,观百兽之见我而敢不走乎?’虎以为然,故遂与之行;兽见之皆走。虎不知兽畏己而走也,以为畏狐也。今王之地方五千里,带甲百万而专属之于昭奚恤。故北方之畏昭奚恤也,其实畏王之甲兵也,犹百兽之畏虎也。”
Translate to English:
The tiger caught every animal he could find to feed himself. One day, when he caught the fox and prepared to eat him, the fox said:” How dare you! I am appointed monarch of all beasts by God. If you eat me, you will go against the will of the God. Huh, you do not trust me? Please follow me and see if the beasts are afraid of me." So the tiger walked with the fox. It is no wonder that when the other animals saw the tiger, they took flight. However, the tiger had not realized that he was fooled by the fox and he thought that the fox is really the king of all animals.
zhēn cái shí xué cái néng bāng zhù nǐ chéng gōng ,kào bié rén de miàn zǐ hú jiǎ hǔ wēi shì méi yǒu qián tú de 。
Taking advantage of true skill and genuine knowledge is the only way to success, and you will never be successful if you are trying to assume someone else's authority as your own.
There are so many Chinese idioms and when you are trying to learn Chinese, they will be very helpful. The idioms are easy to understand and remember. As a consequence, you will learn Chinese more quickly.
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