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chinese study no a easy thing

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chinese study no a easy thing

They know themselves (personality + preferred learning style)

Their strengths: using them to their advantage, e.g. if strongly visual, they read a lot.

Their weaknesses: working on strengthening them, e.g. if they have a poor memory, they try using the Vocabulary Box (www.chinesemadeeasier.com/memorizing.html); or finding an alternative solution, e.g. if they are too nervous about going outside to practice the language, they invite someone to come to their home for a chat.

They maintain a high level of motivation 

-- by spending much time with those who 'charge their motivational batteries', whether it's good language teachers, accepting local people, or other motivated language learners.

They make errors work

The poor language learner is so afraid of making mistakes that they say nothing until they are sure that they can say it absolutely correctly -- and that day never arrives! The good language learner knows differently. They recognize that errors are a part of the learning process itself and looks upon them as a potential source of information, as well as a way of improving their language skills. They not only note their errors, but also try to understand why they made them and how to avoid making them again in the future.

They are a friendly initiator of conversation

For many language students, it must be the other person who initiates a conversation before communication takes place. The good language learner knows that it is best if they start the ball rolling by initiating the conversation with a question or comment. And by doing it in a warm and friendly tone of voice, they find that the other person is usually very happy to chat with them.

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