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The most effective way to learn or develop your Chinese skills is from face to face interaction with a professional Chinese teacher in Shanghai. Whether you are a total beginner or at a more advanced level, our professional Mandarin teachers will design a method to suit your specific interest and style of learning. Our specialty is helping you learn language quickly and affordably. We have an array of Mandarin teachers in Shanghai with a variety of backgrounds to match student's interests, goals, and desires for Chinese language learning. Our Chinese teachers know how to utilize a variety of methods, so that no matter what kind of learner you are, the lessons are effective for you. The teachers are all young and dynamic, who possess excellent oral expression skills. In addition, they receive training on a regular basis in order to improve their teaching abilities. This training will enhance our already strong advantages and teaching capabilities.

Chinese teacher in shanghai-Fiona

Fiona, the founder and director of Mandarin Morning, has more than 15 years’ experience in teaching Chinese. She is a member of the International Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA) and holds a certificate for teaching Chinese.  Fiona’s passion and dedication for teaching has transformed the lives of hundreds of students.

Chinese teacher in shanghai-Lan Qifeng

Lan Qifeng is a passionate Mandarin teacher who can put forward a method most suitable for students, so that the students can make great progress in a short period of time and enjoy the course of learning. According to Zhang the preparation of each lesson is an important part of teaching. Thus she prepares her each lesson with time and effort.  She believes that a strong interest and good attitude that are supported by suitable teaching methods will guide everyone in learning perfect Chinese.

Chinese teacher in shanghai-Yang Liwei

Yang Liwei, Good Mandarin Teacher.

Who is an enthusiastic and experienced Mandarin teacher who has a long engagement with research in Chinese teaching.  Zhang pursues in creating a dynamic and inspiring learning environment that unleashes students’ potential and expedites their progress in learning Chinese. 

Chinese teacher in shanghai-Li Yuewei

Li Yuemei, Good Mandarin Teacher.

She has more than 7 years’ experience in teaching Chinese. As an effective teacher, she creates an interactive, humorous, enthusiastic and comfortable learning environment, which keeps students active in the learning process and encourages them to participate in discussions and ask questions. 

Chinese teacher in shanghai-Zhang Haibin

Zhang Haibin,Good Chinese Teacher

He ultimate goal in teaching is to enhance all of her students’ potentials and influence their lives in China by empowering them with important language skills. With warm personality, responsibility and highly sense of humor Chong always earns respect and positive feedback from her students.

Chinese teacher in shanghai-Zhang Libo

Zhang Libo,Good Chinese Teacher

She is full of passion in teaching Mandarin Chinese and her easy-going personality helps her to provide a wonderful and fun learning experience for Mandarin Chinese learners. Peng is particularly experienced in teaching business Chinese; therefore she is also capable of teaching people who have interest in learning Chinese business language.