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不好意思 bù hǎo yìsi
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  • Meanings-不好意思 bù hǎo yìsi
中国汉语-常用语-Chinese expression-不好意思
不好意思 bù hǎo yìsi
Means sorry or have to do sth. the reasons of sensibilities;shy;embarrassed. 
Now many Chinese young man prefer say 不好意思 to sorry.
  • What is 不好意思 bù hǎo yìsi
Actually Chinese expression 不好意思(bù hǎo yìsi) pretty easy to translate in English, as it can often correspond to “sorry” or “excuse me” in English. When you’re a little late to a meeting, you can say 不好意思 (sorry). When you eat the last cookie and then somone else wants one, you can say 不好意思 (sorry). When you bump someone on the subway, you can say 不好意思 (sorry).
Sometimes 不好意思 are used in this situations:“your kindness is too much,” or “you’re being so nice that it makes me feel too indebted.”
Actually 意思 (yìsi) has many different meandings as following I have listed. All of them have something to do with what you think. Have you noticed that the bottom parts of the two Chinese characters are 心 (xīn, heart)? Attention, the second character is a light tone. Read aloud after me “意思 yìsi” ,不好意思 (bù hǎo yìsi) !
bùhǎo-yìsī wǒ chídào le
不好意思 ,我 迟到 了 。
I am sorry i am late.
shìqinɡ hái méiyǒu zuòhǎo nǐ jiù qǐnɡ wǒ chīfàn rànɡ wǒ hěn bùhǎo-yìsī
事情 还 没有 做好 ,你 就 请 我 吃饭 , 让 我 很 不好意思
The project is not finished now you pay me a dinner and it make me so shy.
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