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many things about online study chinese

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many things about online study chinese

Generally, each foreign chambers of commerce offer a career section and a resume service in which you can advertise to companies in China.

In Shanghai, you should look for magazines like That’s Shanghai, SH, City Weekend, Shanghai Talk. These are free magazines that you can usually find in foreign restaurants, bars or Starbucks. Look also in the online study chinese classifieds section of English newspapers like Shanghai Daily or China Daily.

It is usually a good launching point for networking and researching companies. Each chamber of commerce publishes a directory of all home country companies operating in China and usually hosts a monthly networking event. Networking is a good way to meet foreign companies.

It is particularly important for foreigners, as employers rely very heavily on referrals for candidates from abroad. If you have a few personal contacts in the country, your best approach may be to apply directly to these companies.

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