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online study chinese in these years is very popular things

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online study chinese in these years is very popular things

Such a combined teaching approach will enhance students’ comprehension and motivation as well as their ability to retain the content presented in the classroom.It is not easy for foreign students to grasp the cultural content of many phrases. Since online study chinese and culture are closely interconnected, it is necessary to teach them concurrently.

Here three aspects are important and need to be addressed carefully: first, the historical background of the origins and semantic changes of phrases; second, the contributions of the cultural context to a phrase’s meaning and content; third, the influence and functions of a phrase’s cultural context in Chinese social life.

Spreading knowledge about Chinese culture is part of the online study chinese teacher’s mission, and culture serves as a basis and support for the teaching of Online study chinese.

This essay presents a theory-based synthesis of my practical experience in teaching Chinese to German students at the Leipzig Confucius Institute.The cultural knowledge introduced should be concise and immediately relevant to the phrases under consideration, and should not overwhelm the online study chinese instruction proper.


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