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Why tommy can learn chinese well,take a look
Date:2013-07-28 10:40 From:Jack 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection

Tommy had all the potential for not getting Chinese! Lacking in language learning aptitude, somewhat conservative and rather shy, he preferred tasks which used his hands rather than his head. He could easily have given up when, after only a few weeks of language study, he realized just how slow he was progressing. And whereas his wife enjoyed studying Chinese as well as going outside and chatting with the neighbors, in the early days Tommy didn't really enjoy either. And yet he made it. In fact he got Chinese well. Why?

First and foremost, he had a good attitude. Although he's not the bookish type and doesn't really enjoy the classroom, yet he knew that he had to work hard at his studies -- in fact harder than the average language student if he was going to get anywhere in the language. And he did.

Secondly, he was willing to face up to his weak areas -- and do something about them. So when he found that memorizing vocabulary didn't come easily to him, he re-doubled his efforts by using flash cards and forced himself to review at regular intervals those words that didn't stick easily.

Also, recognizing his somewhat shy personality, especially when in a new and uncertain environment, yet at the same time knowing that fluency only comes through much practice, he was willing to spend 20 minutes after language school each day talking with someone who understood his low level and who therefore kept the conversation simple. What he prefers is making deeper relationships with fewer people. So when he found a person with whom he really related well, he would spend much time with them talking on many and varied issues.

Tommy had the advantage that he had learned another foreign language before coming to China. That one hadn't been easy for him either, yet eventually he got it to a good level. This proved to be of real help when learning Chinese because it enabled him to recognize his learning curve, and most important, that whereas learning that language had been an uphill struggle, he did eventually make it, thus giving him hope for learning Chinese.

The end result was that, after six months of struggling with learning Chinese, he gradually obtained the self-confidence needed to help him progress faster and hence fuel motivation to press on.

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