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What is the necessary quality for a mandarin teacher?
Date:2013-07-28 09:41 From:Jason 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection

What is the necessary quality for a mandarin teacher?

Mandarin teacher is a good job for lots of native Chinese speakers in the current times.

Because right now, there are more and more foreigners come to China for business, study or living. In 2011, there are over 200,000 foreigners in China, among them, over 20,000 UA people, 15,000 French and 15,000 German people living in Shanghai.
And the number is increasing year by year.
But what is the necessary quality for an excellent mandarin teacher?
I do the mandarin teacher over 10 years and I always heard that the foreigner students say, I need a young and beautiful Mandarin teacher.
So, what is the real meaning of young and beautiful?
The potential meaning of the requirement is:
Experience: Mandarin teacher must have the teaching experience. The difference between the experience teacher and non-experience teacher is: the experience mandarin teacher can teach you 5 topics and over 20 new words in 1 hour, the non-experience teacher maybe can not teach you how to pronounce the initials and finals after 2 weeks……So, the experience is very important to the mandarin teacher.
Professional: Mandarin teacher is not an easy job, there are lots of skills on this work. So, professional is absolutely necessary.
Easy going: mandarin teacher has to do lots of 1 on 1 mandarin training, so, they have to be an easy going people to make the study environment happy and relax.
Knowledgeable: When you are a mandarin teacher, foreigners will think you know everything of China and they hope to get the most knowledge from you. Facing the foreigners’ questions, if mandarin teacher always say, I do not know, then the teacher will make the students disappointment…..
So, the teacher must knowledgeable, especially on the China issue….
International: Mandarin teacher have to meet the students from all of the world everyday, so, they must know different country has different cultural, they must know how to live and work together with the people from all of the world, in this way, they are international people.
Full of energy: As a mandarin teacher, maybe someday you have to travel 5 different places to teach 5 company’s students or even more, because right now, people become more and more busy and they hope to have the flexible study time and tailed made mandarin lesson, and sometimes, they want to study at their home, office etc. So, the teacher must have good heath and energy to travel to different place to do the teaching job……
The following are some teacher’s CVs who can match the above statuses.
Mandarin Teacher Lily’s CV
Name: Lily
Date of Birth: March, 1982
Gender: Female
English Ability: Band 6, Fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing
B.A. Major in Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language in Sichuan Normal University: 1999----2003
1. Chinese teacher in Sichuan Normal University 2001-2003
I accumulated abundant teaching experience when I studied in the University. As a student majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language; our teacher arranged lots of internship opportunities for us. So from Grade 1 at my university, I have been a Chinese Tutor to many different foreign students and helped some of them for the HSK.
Our University had a Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language Centre, and there were lots of foreign students studying Chinese at our University, including Nepalese, Japanese and Korean students.
When I had gained some professional knowledge in teaching Chinese, my professor had arranged for me to teach the Basic Chinese Course to the Nepal students. There were 60 Nepal students in each class and they did not have any Chinese language Foundation. They were just trying to gain some Chinese language foundation and then continue with their major studying in some Medical Universities. Facing so many “0-foundation” students, I was able to use my English, pictures, and gestures to support my teaching. Through such a procedure, I gained the experience to teach 0-foundation students.
2 Wuhouci Chinese training center in Chengdu: Chinese teacher;
New staff training from 2003 to 2006
3 Chinese teachers in Mandarin Morning Centre. From 2006 till now
* Age range of my students: undergraduate, long term and short term foreign students’ course; business Chinese; HSK (Level 3 to 6);most of them have learned Chinese with me for nearly over 2 or 3 years.
* (Teaching Material): Editing 3 volumes of appropriate and interesting Chinese learning materials for the students in my class since the second year during my teaching; each volume of learning materials includes:
In-class reading: Novels, essays, poems, and stories about Chinese history and culture.
Out-class reading: In-class-theme-related readings (Required).
* Exercise: Promoting mastery of the lesson objective, stimulating thinking and implements. 
* Translation: Appreciation of both the English and the Chinese. Improving fluency of translating English into Chinese.
* Writing instruction: Twice or more each month. Related with readings or daily lives.
* Interactions: Encouraging a supportive learning and using environment for Chinese learning.
* Additional cultural interesting knowledge: Implementing various innovative teaching approaches to help students get interested in Chinese learning, appreciate the Chinese language.
* Standard Chinese language accent: My students always get more enthusiastic about learning not only the language but also its culture, my classes will never be boring; instead of full of laughter and interest with role-plays and conversations.
Cheerful, proactive and open-minded, western culture good understanding, mature, smart, helpful, presentable and able to teach independently with self-initiative.
AWARDS: CET-6; TOEIC-excellent; Chinese teacher Certification;.
Current Students:
Andreas Kuethe: (German: Mandarin Level: Beginner)
Alan Chen: ( US:  Mandarin Level: Advanced)
Mandarin teacher Sunny’s CV
Work Experience
2004——2005  shanghai ziti consultant firm  English department
English tour guide. Tour service around shanghai 
Part time Chinese tutor teach the children of the international schools, help them of their homework and Chinese lessons
2005——2006  SHANGHAI  INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL   shop manager of the sales department .
Part time Chinese teacher teach business Chinese
2006——2009  Full Time Chinese teacher in Mandarin Morning Centre 
Teach Chinese as a foreign language. The students are from all over the world. They are different Chinese levels and different needs. My work is to help the beginners survive here, some to write and read some pass the HSK (Chinese level Exam) and some to know more Chinese culture.
Project Experience
1,Kevin   French beginner exchange student of SHANGHAI UNIVERSTY and a French University MBA.  After 72 hours lessons, his daily life almost no problem and could tell his ideas for some conversations. Use <a crash course in practical Chinese 1>.now he is in Shenzhen work for a French food export company.
2,Cinto Spanish  had learned Chinese for a year in SHANGHAI FOREIGN LANGUAGE STUDY UNIVERSY ,daily life no problem and have many Chinese friends (I am one of them) .he learns characters , culture and the HSK .07 he passed HSK3.he likes Chinese novels ,read luxun and the ghost and the fox girls stories in <Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio>.now he is interested in fengxiaogang's movies .
3,takako ito  Japanese  the only foreign graduate student in HUANDONGLAW UNIVERSITY.  Patent agent. Speak good Chinese .stay in shanghai 3 years with her husband. My work is to correct her pronunciation, correct the grammar of her thesis and report, and help the HSK .now she passed HSK10 in this summer .now her husband finished the work herein they back to Tokyo last month, but they will continue.
Ito  takako's husband  have great interest  to Chinese culture and the different views of one case  between Chinese and Japanese. Use Chinese Pod for his lessons.
Current Students:
Anna Burley (England, Mandarin Level: beginner)
Henry  Theiling (US, intermediate Level)
I can supply more, just depends on your need.
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