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You might already be aware of that China and its languages are quickly becoming more and more important on the world stage. Chinese grants you an opportunity to communicate with a language that 1.5 billion people around the world globe are using and that is quite impressive. Find out today how you can be one of them through our various teaching programs. Our expert teachers are ready to provide you with a friendly and professional learning experience at an affordable price. Our primary goal is to offer foreigners an ever growing range of high quality Chinese language training that enhances individuals’ learning to communicate with skill and confidence in China.   

Besides our personalized courses offered, skilled teachers and teaching system, we concentrate on disseminating Chinese culture in an environment that is designed with traditional Chinese style. Participating in our classes offers you an opportunity to become more familiar with Chinese culture as we offer free culture courses and activities to our clients. We also offer a free language exchange to supplement your language training by having regular conversations with a native speaker. If you are travelling to Shanghai, we can arrange you services such as airport pickup or accommodation to make your arrival more convenient. Our staff can also help you with your visa application and offer you guidance to extend your visa if necessary. We will gladly send you information and answer any questions you may have.

How can you study Chinese in less time and with a bit of savvy?

1. Get a do-it -yourself study course: a home program that is preferably portable in an audio format such as mp3. Getting a study course that you own will permit you to study Chinese whenever and wherever you want at any time.

2. Free Options: There are a large number of free resources on the Internet to practice the Chinese that you are learning. Notice I did not mention learn. Though resources such as online Chinese forums, chat groups, pen pals and more are wonderful ways to practice they are not at all a substitute for learning Chinese from a course simply because you will invest hours and days putting together the breadcrumbs.

3. Use tools: dictionaries, popular magazines, flashcards and much more can be found online and offline to study Chinese.

4. Practice Tips: Found a hot tip to study Chinese? use that tip! For example a great tip is to learn to stretch out your voice by singing a few notes so that you will be better able to vocalize the demanding "four tones."

The advantage is yours if you can find a native speaker on the Internet using skype or in your home city at a local Chinese restaurant to practice learning Chinese. Native speakers are a pot of gold waiting for you and they will teach you words that are often not found in a book or course as well as teach you the subtle innuendos of proper pronunciation that are critical to learning Chinese. Not sure how to pronounce a word? Ask them for help!!

Studing Chinese in Shanghai is a big accomplishment really and quite impressive too. Just learning Chinese means that you can speak to a billion more people than before, Travel to China and be aware of so much more about a country that is quickly becoming more and more important on the world stage.

Now you can study Chinese in Shanghai fast and savvy. Practice learning two or more phrases a day and you will know in a year more than 700 words and half way there to knowing the 2,000 plus characters to read a newspaper. Have fun!