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Shanghai Part-time Chinese Course

Mandarin Morning Offer part-time Chinese course all around the year,So if you want to learn Chinese despite your busy lifestyle. By attending classes at least twice a week in the evening for 1,5-3 hours each time, or once a week for more than 3 hours on Saturdays or Sundays, you will benefit from an accessible schedule. With this training, you will recognize the fundamentals of the language and be able to hold a conversation by using simple phrases in Chinese. Also discover essential properties, basic vocabulary and various Chinese characters from the very beginning. Learn the fundamentals of the Chinese language. Enjoy a flexible learning schedule with classes offered outside regular working hours. Receive a comprehensive, accessible and quality training. Our wide range of part-time courses can be aimed at your personal Chinese level and times to suit you.

This is an excellent opportunity for those who are interested in learning Chinese, but can’t find any time for it. Whether you are doing an internship or working full time, taking the part-time course is really making the most of your living in Shanghai. As you may have already heard, our experienced teachers are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year and will come to your home, office or another location of your choice. This flexibility enables an on-going language learning process, which is important for both developing your communication skills and enhancing your future career opportunities in China as well as back home. The Part-time course can also include a particular focus on some of our other teaching programs such as General Chinese, Business Chinese and Corporate training. Once you have completed the Part-time Chinese Course, we will provide you with a Certification of Completion.

Part-time Chinese Course levels

  • Elementary
  • Intermediate
  • High-ranking

Part-time Chinese Course types

  • 1 on 1
  • 1 on 2
  • Group

Part-time Chinese Course Period

  • 5 months
  • 9months
  • 1-2 years

Part-time Chinese Course Time

  • Daytime:9:00-6:00pm
  • Eveningtime:7:00-9:00pm
  • Eweekends:7:00am-9:00pm

Part-time Chinese Course places

  • Mandarin School
  • Home
  • Office
  • Coffee shop

Part-time Chinese Course Price