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Our Team|Mandarin Morning

Mandarin Morning has assembled an accomplished team to carry out its mission. Our dedicated team brings passion and expertise in developing study plans, best practices and methods in the field of teaching Chinese. Our staff consists of experienced professionals who bring years of experience in developing our language school. We have five departments that support this overall development: Educational administration-, marketing-, finance-, HR- and training departments.

  • Our Manager
Our Mandarin School Manager-Tim


  • Adviser Department
Our Mandarin Course Consultant-Fiona Our Mandarin Course Consultant-Dasiy Our Mandarin Course Consultant-Menu Our Mandarin Course Consultant-Joanna Our Mandarin Course Consultant-Only


  • Educational Administrators Department
Eucational Administration Consultant-Tim Eucational Administration Consultant-EllienFinancial Department Consultant-Zhang Danni


  • Marketing Department
Our Mandarin Marketing Consultant-Yanzhu Our Mandarin Marketing Consultant-Roni Our Mandarin Marketing Consultant-Li QianOur Mandarin Marketing Consultant-Wang RongOur Mandarin Marketing Consultant-Ilari


  • Financial Department
Financial Department Consultant-Janny Ding


  • Training Department

There are 120 professional & experience Mandarin Teachers in Mandarin Morning Chinese language School in shanghai.