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Online learning questions to ask
Date:2013-10-17 10:43 From:yanzhu 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection

Questions to ask before taking an online or blended learning course.

As a learner, what is your skillset, experiences & expectations
that will help you succeed in online learning?

Preparing yourself for an online course >> Free Chinese characters course,
whether it is totally online or with some classroom time (blended learning), 
is a matter of asking a series of questions.

Studies have shown that it takes a certain amount of self discipline and motivation
to schedule and manage yourself through such a course. 
If this is your first experience with online or distance learning, 
your skill set of experiences and expectations begin with your educational goals with the course.

What purpose does this online course serve in my education?
Think the process through!
You may have to work without face-to-face contact with your teacher,
your classmates, and possibly outside academic support

What motivates you? What are your educational goals?

How will your life's experiences contribute to your desire to complete your education?
What resources do you have to support you, that you will need to coordinate and manage: 
time management, coping and communication skills, etc.?

How confident am I of

§  taking responsibility for my education?
How prepared do I think I am?

§  Managing my time?
Do I think I have the self-discipline to succeed in online learning without a formal "classroom"
to keep me on track?

§  Keeping my focus on the course objectives and assignments?

§  Taking responsibility for accomplishing my assignments?

§  Meeting unexpected problems or challenges?

What elements should I consider in choosing courses?

The course syllabus provides information about

§  What are thepPrerequisites/preconditions;
Course objectives and priorities

§  Who is the teacher and the language of instruction

§  How is course content delivered?
Lectures: in person and/or remote via technology; 
textbooks, handouts, digital texts; course website; course management system

§  What is the course schedule
or pacing as regards timelines for completing tasks
or whether the course is "unpaced" with only broad deadlines

§  What are the assignments and the procedures for completing them
as well as procedures for submitting them

§  Requirements for interaction 
whether live or asynchronous contributions
whether in person or online via email, text messaging, chat rooms, videoconferencing
whether discussions, feedback on projects, Q&A sessions,
whether with the instructor, course mates, experts

§  How and when is my performance assessed?
Tests; criteria for grading on assignments

§  Are there opportunities for feedback throughout the course.
What opportunities are there for interaction with the instructor?
What academic support is available, whether online or in person
What/who are the study guides, help lines, online resources, reference works, 
tutors, research librarians, professional assistants, academic and technical helplines, etc.

What is my course electronic learning environment like?

§  What are the course technical requirements
hardware, software, specialized applications

§  What is the optimal browser, and perhaps email client

§  What training is necessary for the course applications?

§  What training or orientation is available
for the textbook website, CD, DVD, etc.

§  What training or orientation is available for the course learning system,  上一篇:"A.S.P.I.R.E." A Study System 下一篇:Chinese Language learning strategies