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Animal Eggs in Chinese
What came first the chicken or the egg? Well in China it’s definitely the chicken!
Here’s how you identify a bird’s eggs in Chinese:
(Bird Name) + (蛋 dàn)
You can apply this to any type of bird. Here are the bird’s eggs in Chinese you’ll most likely come across on a Chinese menu.
Chicken: 鸡蛋 jī dàn
Duck: 鸭子蛋 yā zi dàn
Emu: 鸸鹋蛋 ér miáo dàn
Goose: 鹅蛋 é dàn
Ostrich: 鸵鸟蛋  tuó niǎo dàn
Pheasant: 野鸡蛋 yějī dàn
Quail: 鹌鹑蛋 ān chún dàn
Wondering what measure word to use when counting eggs in Chinese?
A simple 个 gè will get the job done counting eggs.
Important: DON’T use 蛋 dàn for fish eggs!
(fish name) + 卵 luǎn. The general way to say fish eggs in Chinese is 鱼卵 yú luǎn.
Some other ocean creature’s egg names in mandarin:
Crab: 螃蟹卵 pángxiè luǎn
Fish: 鱼卵 yú luǎn
Lobster: 龙虾卵 lóng xiā luǎn
Octopus: 八爪鱼卵 bā zhuǎ yú luǎn
Shark: 鲨鱼卵 shāyú luǎn
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