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Chinese Lesson: How to play Chess in Chinese
Want to play Chess in Chinese? Might be helpful, first to know the pieces and moves when playing Chess in Chinese!
First, let’s break down the keywords you’ll be needing for Chess in Chinese:
Chess: 国际象棋 (guó jì xiàng qí)
Chess Piece: 棋子 (qí zǐ)
Chess Player: 棋手 (qí shǒu)
Chess Board: 棋盘 (qí pán)
White Piece: 白棋 (bái qí)
Black Piece: 黑棋 (hēi qí)
Next, the pieces on the board when playing Chess in Chinese are translated to:
Pawn: 兵, 卒 (bīng, zú)
Bishop: 象 (xiàng)
Knight: 马 (mǎ)
Rook (castle): 车 (jū)
Queen: 后 (hòu)
King: 王 (wáng)
Want to impress your Chinese chess playing friends? Here are some ways to do that.
Firstly, when talking about ‘a game’ of chess, the way you would have been referred to a game would have most likely been in a sporting context. A sporting match or competition is 游戏 (yóuxì). Instead, refer to ‘the game’ of Chess in Chinese as 对局 (duì jú).
Lastly, for your chess vocabulary you’ll want to know all the moves!
to move: 走棋 (zǒu qí)
to sacrifice: 牺牲 (xī shēng)
Castling: 王车易位 (wáng jū yì wèi)
Check: 将军 (jiāng jūn)
Checkmate: 将死 (jiāng sǐ)
Some final words to complete your Chess vocabulary in Chinese are:
Chess Tournament: 国际象棋比赛 (guó jì xiàng qí bǐ sài)
Grand Master: 象棋大师 (xiàng qí dàshī)
Combination: 组合 (zǔ hé)
Want to be called a 象棋大师 (xiàng qí dàshī) when playing chess? Use a 组合 (zǔ hé) and let your opponent know you know the word too! A Combination is a move in chess that usually involves you sacrificing a valuable piece forcing your opponent into action.
The result is their guaranteed defeat 打败 (dǎbài) and your victory 胜利 (shènglì).
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