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Chinese Zodiac Animals
How did China end up with the Zodiacs? This is a difficult question with no agreed upon answer. The two competing historical theories are as follows:
Theory 1
The Zodiacs came from the west, from Tibet, India, and Nepal together with Buddhism during the later Han dynasty (around 150 AD).
We know that the Zodiacs were very popular during the Tang dynasty (618 – 917 AD).
Theory 2
The other theory is that the Zodiacs predate Buddhism in China, and evolved from the ancient Chinese astronomy which puts the planet Jupiter at the centre.
There have been found pottery fragments dating back from the Warring States period (475 BC – 221 BC). Jupiter’s orbit around earth takes 12 years, so it would fit with the 12 zodiacs.
The reason the Zodiacs are such an important part of Chinese culture first of all is because they played an important role in satisfying the spiritual needs of an agrarian society. But also, astronomy (and astrology) was important for the Emperor. The Emperor needed to be accurate in astronomical matters to be able to rule well and with prestige. Astronomy was also necessary to ensure peace and harmony for everything under the heaven.
Chinese Zodiacs in Chinese
1. Rat in Chinese – 鼠, Shǔ
2. Ox in Chinese – 牛, Niú
3. Tiger in Chinese – 虎, Hǔ
4. Rabbit in Chinese – 兔子, Tù zǐ
5. Dragon in Chinese – 龙, Lóng
6. Snake in Chinese – 蛇, Shé
7. Horse in Chinese  – 马, Mǎ
8. Goat in Chinese – 羊, Yáng
9. Monkey in Chinese – 猴, Hóu
10. Rooster in Chinese – 公鸡, Gōng jī
11. Dog in Chinese – 狗, Gǒu
12. Pig in Chinese – 猪, Zhū
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