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Learn Mandarin Life in shanghai

Date:2013-10-29 11:15 From:Jack 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection

Learn Mandarin Life in shanghai 

Today I can deal with Chinese people and order food by myself; I really like Chinese food except moon cake; I successfully survived to the Beijing traffic jungle; and if Chineses want to push in the subway, they should think about it twice, because I’m bigger and stronger that them. (But I still a peaceful and polite Canadian who respects people around me.

At first, the most evident things were the ones that caught my attention initially. Infrastructure related things, like the architectural style of the buildings, the wide streets, the bike lanes, the transportation system in general;was surely one of the most obvious aspects to consider different.

Coming from a slow-paced student life in Latin America to the always-busy and always-awake Shanghai has been quite an interesting experience.

After noticing the language gap I had, especially because of shanghainese accent, I couldn’t help noticing (and even feeling a little bit annoyed) by the fact that sometimes you have to fight for your own space to breath air and to be relaxed while in the metro or in the bus. China has a lot of people, and this city is a living example of it.

Immediately after than, came the language. Although I knew a little Mandarin before coming to Shanghai, I was used to have some one next to me to translate whatever was going on into the language of my convenience, so after a few days I started to feel that language could become an important barrier of communication and development.

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