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It is really high time to popularize Mandarin Chinese

Date:2013-10-29 11:14 From:Jack 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection

It is really high time to popularize Mandarin Chinese 

With vast territory China is a country rich in dialects. It is common for a newcomer to be at a loss in a strange place, let alone the oral interaction. Thanks to the Mandarin Chinese, we can make ourselves understood, which guarantees the quality and efficiency of oral communication and reduces misunderstanding accordingly. The dissemination also heralds the first step in improving China into a better educated nation, thus strengthening our power and increasing our international status. Last but not the least, it helps promote the unification of China.

The global development counts on the cooperation of the different areas. To realize this, one thing is necessary and fundamental - the nationwide application of the common spoken Chinese. One barrier that hinders the economic progress of China is the inharmonious development between the coast areas and the west regions.

To popularize Mandarin Chinese, the government should carry out a mass education on the importance of speaking Mandarin Chinese. Campaigns of a large scale ought to be launched to make every citizen aware that it is his/her responsibility to speak it. Besides that, it should be compulsory in schools, offices and media, so that millions of people can be influenced and trained. No doubt, in all these campaigns, government officials at all levels must take the lead.

Without understanding each other, how can we co-work together and contribute our bits to Chinese development?

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