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Learning Chinese as an adult
Date:2013-10-17 11:08 From:yanzhu 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection
There are many business men come to Shanghai for their business and they need to speak Chinese mandarin for helping intend their business. So a lot of them want to find some special things for adult learner.
If you are an adult, your learning will be more successful if you take followings:
Take an active role
in planning, monitoring, and evaluating your education
Discard preconceived notions about what college is and isn't; open your mind to the experience
Choose subjects and courses that are most relevant to your job/profession or personal life that fit into your academic program
Chinese Course descriptions important to adult learners
Outcomes Process Content
Shared responsibility for learning objectives; Integrates thinking Applies learning to practical applications;
Continuous negotiation or openness to renegotiation; and learning; Issue-centered curricula
Non-prescriptive; Problem-centered rather than content oriented; Multiple/diverse sources of information
Open to change; Demand mutual respect & equality for learners; Variety of format
Value process; Incorporate, promote dialogue & openness;  
Intrinsically motivated Recognizes the value of experience in contributing to learning;  
  Includes projects and/or active learning (as opposed to lectures and/or passive learning);  
  Built in monitor for feedback and evaluation  


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