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Learn mandarin in 5 minutes?
Date:2013-07-21 19:16 From:yanzhu 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection

Learn mandarin in 5 minutes? What do you mean? I want to learn Chinese quickly or practically. Now i think first thing is remember some Chinese phrase by good memory.But i am not good at remembering a strange language words or phrase.So i think i need to know Time in Chinese mandarin.Here is a quick review of Chinese numbering system:

Learn mandarin in 5 minutes?-Mandarin MorningAll number vocabulary is based on the numbers from zero to ten.

Multiples of 10 are expressed as 2-10 (20), 3-10 (30) etc.

Numbers above 10 are expressed as 10-1 (11), 20-3 (23) etc.

The number 2 has two forms: èr when counting, and liǎng when used with a measure word (as in telling the time).

  • Mandarin Time Vocabulary ►
Time mandarin translate in Chinese
hour minute second morning noon afternoon evening night when? what time?

►xiǎo shí

►zhōng tóu

►fēn zhōng ►miǎo

►zǎo shang

►shàng wǔ

►zhōng wǔ ►xià wǔ ►wǎn shang ►yè lǐ ►shénme shíhou ►jī diǎn?
小時/ 钟头 分钟 早上/ 上午 中午 下午 晚上 夜里 什么时候 几点?
  • What Time Is It?

Time in Chinese is used to expressed in "digital format". I.E. 8:45 rather than "a quarter to nine".And you need to remeber "半" in Chinese meaning "half",for example,you can say "8:30" half past eight-八点半(pinyin bādiǎn bàn).

Sometimes people use quarter meaning 15 mins. I.E. 8:15 in Chinese is 八点一刻(in pinyin bādiǎn yīkè).

What time is it? 10:30 11:00 12:15 1:00
►Xiànzài jī diǎn le?

►shí diǎn bàn

►shí diǎn sān shí fēn

►shí yī diǎn zhōng

►shí èr diǎn shí wǔfēn

/shí èr diǎn yī kè

►yī diǎn zhōng
现在几点了? 十点半/十点三十分 十一点整 十二点十五分/十二点一刻 一点钟
  十點半/ 十點三十分 十一點鐘 十二點十五分 一點鐘
3:20 5:55 8:00 in the morning 2:00 in the afternoon 9:05 in the evening
►sān diǎn èr shí fēn ►wǔdiǎn wǔshí wǔfēn ►zǎo shang bā diǎn ►xià wǔliǎng diǎn ►wǎn shang jiǔdiǎn wǔfēn
三点二十分 五点五十五分 早上八点 下午两点 晚上九点过五分
三點二十分 五點五十五分 早上八點 下午兩點 晚上九點五分

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Learn mandarin in 5 minutes?-Mandarin Morning   Learn mandarin in 5 minutes?-Mandarin MorningLearn mandarin in 5 minutes?Learn mandarin in 5 minutes?  

  • Now write followings Chinese time:
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