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Learn Mandarin in shanghai - Changing Chinese Tones
Date:2013-07-21 19:13 From:yanzhu 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection
When you learn Mandarin in shanghai or just  interested in Chinese language, you will find the Chinese language is a tonal language and you need learn pinyin and four tones firstly.Because different tones different meanings,if you read or speak mandarin with wrong tones you will make grammar mistakes or make a joke.
For example, one day my friend said to me:yanzhu,I am very tired and i want to shuǐ jiǎo-(go to sleep).I was confused about his Chinese-felt so tired but wanted to eat dumplings-what was wrong with this guy. So i asked him-Did you feel hungry now? He reply me-no,no,i just wanted go to bed for a good sleeping. So i said "I see!You speak a wrong Mandarin tones.You should speak-shuì jiào-two fourth tone!"He blushed then,i said it is ok but remember the right tones next time!
So i think many foreign friends will make different mistakes but don't be afraid or blush just speak your Chinese. and show your Chinese learning mistakes and people will correct them and then you will improve your Chinese levels!
Now followings is tell you four mandarin tones:
1 - high level - mā
2 - rising - má
3 - rising and falling - mǎ 
4 - falling - mà
There is also a 5th tone which is neutral.
The tone determines the meaning of the word or syllable. For example: 
睡覺 shuì jiào
means "sleep," but
水餃 shuǐ jiǎo
means "dumplings."
When two 3rd tones are used together the first 3rd tone becomes a 2nd tone:
你好 nǐ hǎo (hello)
ní hǎo.
Yi 一 (one) is a first tone syllable, but when it comes before the first, second, or third tones it is pronounced in the fourth tone:
一些 yì xiē (a few)
一直 yì zhí (continue; straight ahead)
一點 yì diǎn (a little)
When yi 一 comes before a fourth tone, it is pronounced in the second tone:
一定 yí dìng (certain)
Bu 不 (negating adverb) is a fourth tone syllable, but when it is used before another fourth tone, it is pronounced in the second tone:
不好 bù hǎo (not good)
不謝 bú xiè (don’t mention it)
Then you know some mandarin tones rules and Chinese grammar and not too difficulty?! When you want to learn a second language you should be brave and to be ready to your mistakes. and don't be scared about these language mistakes and you will know more mistakes more good Chinese learning!Actually i am learning English now and i talk to my co-workers-Ilari and i know i will make many different mistakes but i just try to talk to him and make sure he can understand me.I think learn Chinese in shanghai is the same way.See you next time! show me your new Chinese words or tips!
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