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Learn Chinese - Orange Change with Their Environment
Date:2014-02-25 10:27 From:wangjianzhong 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection
Learn Chinese - What is the meaning of 南橘北枳? The literal meaning of this term is orange change with their environment. And this term comes from the story of Yan Zi.
Yan Zi was an excellent politician of Qi State. While he was sent to Chu State as an ambassador, Chu's king want to embarrass Yan Zi. Yan Zi was not very tall and so when he was invited to Chu's palace, he was asked to cross a dog hole. Yan Zi was not angry and he said, "If I am visiting the dogs' country, I can cross the dog hole. However, now I am visiting Chu State, should I go through a dog hole?" The king had to open the gate for Yan Zi.
Finally, Yan Zi met Chu's king. The king said, "Is there any intelligent and handsome people in your country? Why are you sent as an ambassador?" Yan Zi replied, "There are thousands of people in Qi's capital. If all of them open their sleeves at the same time, they will make the whole city dark. When they wipe sweat, the sweat is just like heavy rain. While they walk on the street, the street will become crowded. Why do you think there are no intelligent people in my country?" The king said, "If you are telling the truth, why are you sent as an ambassador? I think you are not intelligent or handsome." Yan Zi replied, "My king sends the intelligent person to the prosperous country under the control of clever king and he sends the stupid people to the poor country under the control of stupid king. I am the stupidest of all and so I am sent here." The king was embarrassed and he invited Yan Zi to dinner. While they were having dinner, two soldiers arrested a criminal and they walked around Yan Zi. The king asked, "Who is the criminal?" The soldiers replied, "He comes from Qi State and we charge him with theft." The king looked at Yan Zi and asked, "Are the people from Qi good at stealing?" Yan Zi stood up and replied, "While the orange grow up in the south of Huai River, they are the orange. But when they grow up in the north of Huai River, their taste will become different. Now, the people who grow in Qi State are not good at stealing. However, when they live in Chu, they become obsessed with stealing things." The king laughed and said, "Now, I know that Yan Zi is a clever gentleman."
From this story, you should know that one need to choose the right environment for oneself. When you want to learn Chinese, you need to choose the right school as well.
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