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Learn Chinese - How to Describe Someone Who Loses His Intelli
Date:2014-02-19 10:50 From:wangjianzhong 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection
If you want to learn Chinese, the idioms which are used frequently should be learned. For example, 江郎才尽 is an idiom which is used to describe the people who is clever which he is young but becomes stupid while getting old. At the very beginning, this term is used to describe Jiang Yan.
Idiom Story
During Nan Dynasty, Jiang Yan was a famous writer and poem while he was young. He was good at writing articles and he was popular. However, when he became old, his articles and poems were not as good as before. His poems became normal, what's more, he could not write poems sometimes. Once in a while, if he could finish a poem, the verses were not excellent any more.
Some people said that Jiang Yan had a dream. In his dream, there was a man named as Zhang Jing Yang and Zhang Jing Yang asked Jiang Yan to return a beautiful cloth. After Jiang Yan returned the cloth in his dream, he could not write excellent article any more. There are some other people who claimed that Jiang Yan had another dream. In his dream, there was a man who wanted to get his pen back and Jiang Yan returned the pen without considering. After that, Jiang Yan's poems and articles were not beautiful.
Some people said that due to the busy official business, Jiang Yan could not pay attention to writing. And some other people thought the emperor was jealous of Jiang Yan's intelligence and in order to protect himself, Jiang Yan had to pretend to be normal. If you want to learn more Chinese idioms, welcome to visit the website of Mandarin Morning.
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