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Learn Chinese - Finding the right study space
Date:2013-10-17 10:10 From:yanzhu 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection
Learn Chinese in shanghai - Finding the right study spaceMaybe you want to judge me why do I need a right place to learn Chinese, but i guess you won't know something which changing where you study will bring better results. Now i think you should read followings then check it out!!!
  1. A coffee shop can provide a stimulating community, 
  2. background noise, relaxed atmosphere, wifi, and coffee! It can be convenient for small groups, studying with a partner or alone. You can also be unknown and unbothered, and easily turn off your cell phone to avoid that distraction!
  3. Your Chinese language school's study lounge can also be convenient 
  4. for studying alone or in small groups. However, if the noise, movement or distractions of friends or students are too distracting, then relocate to where your studying will become more effective.
  5. Your bedroom/personal space can be convenient 
  6. to fit your schedule, as well as have all your study materials at hand. Its comfort can be a mixed blessing if you take too many naps!
  7. Kitchens are conducive to studying, 
  8. with good lighting and open space for all your materials. You also have nourishment at hand, but snack with fruit and vegetables to avoid heavy foods.
  9. If you focus better in your basement, great! 
  10. Music can make for good background noise, but make sure it stays in the background: don't lose track of what you are studying.
  11. Your living room is a great place to study 
  12. with comfortable seating and enough space, but avoid the distractions or projects around the house. If you love watching the television, it may not be the best option for a study space.
  13. The library offers professional services, 
  14. a quiet environment, Wi-Fi, and even windows with a view! An empty classroom provides an even quieter, even secluded space.
In fact, i like three places for my study mandarin. They are library, mandarin school, the resting area of plaza. Which one would you like? share with us! Or if you have any questions about learning Chinese, just call us!
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