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Learn Chinese Idiom - 抛砖引玉
Date:2014-02-18 10:32 From:wangjianzhong 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection
Learn Chinese idiom - 抛砖引玉. Understanding the meaning of this word from literal meaning: Throw a brick out and bring a jade back. Now, this term is used to be self-effacing. When you are asked to voice your opinions at a meeting and you are the first one who speak at the meeting, you can say that you are 抛砖引玉.
During the Warring States period, this term is a military strategy. While Chu State was attacking Jiao State, Chu's generals found that Jiao's city walls were too strong and they can not break the walls through. Months later, Chu could not capture Jiao and the generals had to bottle Jiao up. Months later,  a general came out with a good idea. He thought that Jiao was lack of firewood since it had been bottled up. So he asked some soldiers to pretend to be woodcutters and walk around Jiao. Jiao's king was surprised to find the woodcutters and he opened the city gate to rob the woodcutters. Jiao's king was happy to gain the firewood and he became more and more daring.
Chu's general found that Jiao's king had lower his guard and it was time to bring the jade back. While Jiao's king found another group of woodcutters one day, he sent his soldiers to chase after the woodcutters. But he did not know that this would be his last robbery. Chu's soldiers take advantage of Jiao's relaxation and captured the city easily.
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