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Learn Chinese Historical Figure - Xiang Yu
Date:2014-01-09 17:58 From:wangjianzhong 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection
In Chinese history, Xiang Wu is considered as an excellent military leader. When you learn Chinese historical figures, you will be supposed to pay more attention on this man. In many Chinese people's opinion, Xiang Yu should be the emperor after the downfall of Qin Dynasty. However, in fact, he was only an overlord during late Qin Dynasty. Although he failed during Chu - Han Contention and he killed himself near Wu Jiang, he was a true hero.
Xiang Yu's opponent, Liu Bang was considered as a rogue. As the founder of Han Dynasty, Liu Bang was weak and he pretended to be not interested in the throne at the very beginning. Xiang Yu believed Liu Bang and he gave up the opportunity to kill him. Liu Bang made the others believe that he was a wise ruler and he attracted amounts of intelligent generals, such as Han Xin and Zhang Liang. On the contrary, Xiang Yu was too proud and there were not too many people who wanted to work for him. As a consequence, Xiang Yu's army became weaker and weaker, and he was besieged by Lian Bang's armies near Wu Jiang. Although he had a chance to escape, but he chose to die when thinking of the soldiers who die for him.
According to the record, Xiang Yu was still full of valour and vigour when he was surrounded by the enemies. He was a martial master and he was a great warrior. There were thousands of soldiers, but all of them were afraid of lonely Xiang Yu. They did not dare to attack Xiang Yu until he killed himself.
Xiang Yu
Apart from his military techniques, Xiang Yu is also popular for his romantic story with Yu Ji. Yu Ji was his beloved wife and according to the legend, she was extremely beautiful. During the eve of decisive battle, Xiang Yu knew that he was going to fail. In order to comfort Xiang Yu, Yu Ji danced for him and she snuggled up to him after the dance. At that time, many people believed that Liu Bang coveted Yu Ji's beauty and Xiang Yu was not worrying for his life, but for Yu Ji's fate. That Night, Xiang Yu sang a famous song known as Gai Xia Ge.
力拔山兮气盖世,I am strong enough to pluck up the mountain and I has an international reputation,
时不利兮骓不逝。My failure is caused by my bad fortune and even my horse will not run any more.
骓不逝兮可奈何,What can I do for my horse?
虞兮虞兮奈若何。And, Yu Ji, what can I do for your fate?
After Xiang Yu sang this song, Yu Ji had realized his worries and she killed herself immediately without hesitation. Reading books is not the only way to learn Chinese. Until today, there are series of movies and dramas which are based on this tragic story and you can enjoy them while learning Chinese history.
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