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  • Elementary

 Elementary Chinese courses are offered some easy and not involved or complicated Chinese language lessons for students who come to China for 3 weeks at most or housewives and young kids. You will speak essential or basic part Chinese in your life when finished elementary Chinese course.

  • Intermediate

 Intermediate Chinese is offered fo intermediate stage, level, or learning Chinese position is one that occurs between two other stages. They are tailor made for business man or managers or some students who live in China for 1 year or more.

  • Advanced

 Advanced Chinese for students who has already learned the basic Chinese and would like to do more difficult work, such as Chinese idioms, Chinese characters, Chinese saying, Chinese culture, etc. So if you can speak good Chinese and very interested in Chinese writing or Chinese philosophy system then advanced Chinese course is designed for you.

  • Intensive & Part-Time

 Intensive Chinese Lessons are offered 4-6 hours a day of period of 4-12 weeks to help you not only gain a good knowledge about Chinese culture and business etiquette, but most importantly the basic Mandarin Chinese language skills in a short time. Part-time Chinese course for those who are interested in learning Chinese, but can’t find any time for it. Whether you are doing an internship or working full time, taking the part-time course is really making the most of your living in Shanghai. 

  • Step 1 First Mandarin Lessons for free

Enjoy the first mandarin lesson for free before testing your Mandarin level. Our profesional mandatin teachers will give you a wonderful lesson with simling.

  • Step 2 Test Mandarin Level

Our Chinese course Consultants will help you to finish a test paper then you will get a suitable plan for your mandarin learning.

  • Step 3 Choose flexible learning places

You can learn mandarin in your office, home, coffee shop, park, etc. So our mandarin teachers give you a so good service of learning Chinese language. 

  • Step 4 Mandarin School offer free individual study Classroom & Exchange Language

There are 10 classrooms in Mandarin Morning Chinese school and you can study anytime here. And our school offers language partners for free. You can talk to native speakers when you are learning mandarin in shanghai. If you are interested in shanghai dialect, our school can give you a chance to learn it.