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I want to study chinese
Date:2013-07-28 10:40 From:Jack 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection

Or in particular: How do I install a Chinese Input Method on my BlackBerry? How can I study Chineseon my BlackBerry? It’s a quite easy process, once You know how to install the right things on Your BlackBerry to make the Chinese characters work. Here is a step by step approach using a Windows desktop:

Preparation Step (optional, only if necessary): If there is existent data, like study Chinese, contacts, etc. and You want to keep these, You have to backup it in some way. See Your BlackBerry manual for Backup.

Uninstall any previous BlackBerry device software. Go to the Control Panel and then go to study Chinese Add/Remove Programs. There You can find any previously installed device software’s.

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