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  • HSK
    • Exam Preparation
      • We help the student in preparing for both the old and new HSK tests. In addition, we also will schedule your HSK test taking date and location for you.
  • Business Partners: Our company is always looking for new corporations to work with. As a language school, we provide a wide variety of options for learning, allowing us to work with and meet the needs of any company.
    • Companies that specialize in locating internships for foreigners in Shanghai often include language study options within these internship packages. A large portion of our corporate partners already consist of these companies, however we are always looking to add to that list.
    • Any company is welcome to contact us, especially those that are real estate companies or have membership cards. Our company hopes to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with those whom use us such as sharing links, etc.
    • The companies that already have sought us out for Chinese language study are very satisfied. Our network with our customers is already quite vast and invaluable. We hope that you will join that network.

(Links to each Business Partners)

  • Skype
    • Option for preparing/continuing Chinese studies for clients
    • Overseas clients
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