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Get a job in China

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Get a job in China

To get a job in China, it will also largely depend on your marketable skills, education, personal contacts, language ability, luck and most importantly – expectations.

Even until just a few years ago, there used to be some fundamental truths that you could rely on when it came to developing your career and attaining professional success in China.

But in China’s current talent market, Such statements are no longer viewed as offering a distinct competitive advantage. These days, there are so many who can make such a claim. Rather than a differentiator, it’s a mere prerequisite for an attractive opportunity with a leading company. 

For foreigners, the ability to speak Chinese was almost a sure ticket for attracting opportunities with companies that were increasingly seeking international-trained, bi-lingual professionals. Many people start their introduction of them- selves in covering letter by saying, “I’m bilingual and have a deep understanding of both western and Chinese cultures and thinking. I can be an excellent bridge for an international company doing business in China.”


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