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Chinese zodiac: The rooster

Date:2013-07-22 10:11 From:Kitty 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection

If we had to describe the cocks in one word: Conservatives. They are quick thinkers, pragmatic and resourceful, preferring to focus on the methods whose effectiveness has been proven rather than take risks complicated and unnecessary.

The sense of observation is the main force of the rooster. It is difficult to miss anything with a Rooster it has eyes behind its head! This quality explains why so many successful lawyers, neurosurgeons and accountants are roosters.

Socially, they have no hesitation in saying the truth and keeping their word. Appearance and organization are the key words of roosters. They want to be masters of the situation, in particular of their "appearance" and their environment.

In its relations, the rooster needs the right partner, who understands its nature essentially conservative. With the right partner, the rooster will bethe most loyal and honest as possible: It will bend over backwards for giving pleasure to its beloved.

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