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Chinese course in shanghai - Learn Chinese Language Polyphone
Date:2013-08-19 10:32 From:yanzhu 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection
Chinese course in shanghai - Learn Chinese Language Polyphone & Sound-Change Character
When person who learn Chinese in shanghai for 1 year, he wil probably find polyphones and sound change characters alike and confusing. Polyphone doesn't equal sound change character, but both of them have multiple pronunciations.
  • Polyphone and Sound Change Character
The polyphone and sound change characters are similar, which is why it is confusing, sometimes even for native speakers. The following will help you learn the difference between a polyphone and a sound change character.
  • Polyphone
Chinese course in shanghai - Learn Chinese Language Polyphone & Sound-Change CharacterPolyphone is called "duō yīn zì"(多音字) in Chinese. To be a polyphone, the character should meet two requirements. First, it is a character with two or more than two pronunciations. Second, it has multiple meanings and usually each pronunciation matches one meaning accordingly.
Look at the character "还"(huán, hái).
When it is pronounced as “huán”, it means “give back” and it is a verb.
For example: 三天后,你必须还(huán)我钱。You have to give my money back to me in three days.
When it pronounces as “hái”, it is an adverb which means “still”.
For example: 现在已经9点钟了,他还(hái)在睡觉。It is already 9 o’clock now, but he is still sleeping.
  • Sound Change Character
You are probably familiar with the word "一" which means "one" or "a". This word in the dictionary only has the pronunciation "yī", but you will find that Chinese people sometimes pronounce it as "yí" and "yì".
Sound changing is for speaking fluency. Though the same character is pronounced differently sometimes, its meaning doesn't change and the changes only show in its tones. What's more, the tone of the word depends on the tone of the directly following word. For example: 上一篇:Chinese course in shanghai - How to eat Chinese food with ch 下一篇:Why It Makes More advantageous If You Learn Chinese Language