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There are many Chinese textbooks on the market are prepared by Universities, the theme is mostly revolve around the life and work of the students commence learning. That is not in line with the learning needed for foreign-funded enterprises senior positions and business people in Shanghai. In 2008, the center began to organize full-time textbooks writers, teaching materials as follows:

"Survival Chinese 15 Lessons” volume one and two are suitable for fresh arrived foreign friends in Shanghai; the books include necessary basic communication, listening, and speaking.

The center provides beginner, intermediate, and advanced in“Companies Chinese” and "Business Communication" to meet the listening and speaking necessary in business occasions for intermediate level Chinese students.

“Business Communication and Negotiation” Intermediate level and “Business Writing” advance level to meet the senior level in business situations, more in-depth communication, and signed a contract in writing needs.

The above materials meet the needs of different living environment and business occasions. With the learning they will help foreign friends fit better into corporate culture and better adapt to the needs of the job in Shanghai.

Teaching materials targeted more specifics and paid more attention to usability, which help the people that learn Chinese at our center to occupy in the same learning cycle. And invest little difference between the learning budgets, but you can gain a lot more Chinese knowledge and culture. In addition, the center's unique teaching materials also allow us to get more customers in the increasingly fierce competition.