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Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival in Shanghai
Date:2013-09-10 16:16 From:yanzhu 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection
Customs of Mid-Autumn Festival in Shanghai include worshiping the moon and burning incense. When the moon rises, people set tables in the open air and offer mooncakes, melons, fruit, green soybeans, taro, lotus roots and so on. Moon Palace magical figure paintings show the Jade Hare standing with a club are offered as well. In ancient times, it was said the moon belonged to yin (the female part of the yin-yang philosophy), so in the full moon celebration women worshipped the moon first, then the men. It was also said that "Men needn't celebrate the full moon". When the full moon celebration is done, family members drink reunion wine and have an admiration-of-the-moon dinner. A woman lodging at her parental home must return to her husband's family on the evening of the Moon Festival to celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival. Going on a walk and admiring the full moon is called "zou yueliang" (‘moon walking’) by Shanghainese. Women taking a walk at night with friends is called "ta yue” (a moonlight stroll). Lujia Stone Bridge is outside Xiaodongmen, Shanghai, under which the reflection of the bright moon bobbling in the water contrasts adorably with the shining moon in the sky. So tourists come like hungry carp, rushing to watch. This is one of the "Top Eight Scenic Spots in Shanghai"
There is a custom of incense altars (called shaoxiang dou) among Shanghai people. The incense altars, also called douxiang, are made by traditional offerings shops, in a truncated square-based pyramid shape, standing large end up. Large ones are more than two feet wide. Muslin is pasted around the altar, and there are decorative images of the Moon Palace and pavilions. Some xiangdous are made by weaving joss sticks. On the altar are things like the Dragon Gate and Kuixing (the Daoist god of fate). Above are colorful banners and flags. In Shanghai, the most magnificent scene of incense altars on Mid-Autumn Festival is always in Nanyuan ('South Garden'). Abutments of many great bridges in and around the city are lit by special large xiangdous.
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Places to Celebrate Mid-autumn Festival in Shanghai
Oriental Pearl TV Tower 东方明珠塔
Oriental Pearl TV TowerNight view of Oriental Pearl TV Tower
The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is 468 meters (1540 ft) high, the highest tower in Asia and the third highest in the world. The interior of the tower houses a variety of activities, from a hotel near the top to a revolving restaurant at the 267-meter (876-foot) level, to shops and cafes. On almost any level above the base, one can get a fabulous view of the city as it stretches out toward the horizon. Family and lovers can have a unique dinner at the revolving restaurant, and then take an elevator to the top of the building to have a closer look at the moon.
Jin Mao Tower 金茂大厦
Towering 420.5 meters (1380 ft) above the ground, the Jinmao Tower is the second highest building in China next to the Shanghai Financial Center. If you want to have a clearer sight of the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the tower is doubtless your first choice. There is an observation platform at the 88th floor, the highest floor. In addition to the view of the moon, you can also gain a sensational panoramic view of the city’s skyline as the spectacular lights of its immense towers dance in unison.
The Bund 外滩
Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival in ShanghaiThe BundMid-autumn festival night at the bund
The Bund is probably the most popular place to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, partly due to its relatively tranquil atmosphere, and partly due to the many restaurants and tea houses along it. The water front area sees families and friends having a leisurely walk, enjoying the night scenery on the banks of the Huangpu River each year during the Mid-Autumn Festival. 上一篇:Mid-Autumn Festival Traditions 下一篇:Mid-Autumn Festival Poem Mid-Autumn Moon