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Business in Shanghai Required Skills - Chinese Mandarin
Date:2013-10-09 09:58 From:yanzhu 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection
Many expats work in shanghai do you interested in becoming one of them? In fact, you must know shanghai is a big city and big marketing. You've picked the right time. But before you begin your business in shanghai, you need to know how many required skills? First-important thing is learn Chinese in shanghai.
For example, recent job offers posted on the local websites of shanghai include financial controller; plant operations manager; supply quality engineer, sales manager, and professional interpreter. Actually these websites may in English or just in Chinese. If you don't know Chinese, you won't read them and miss chances or opportunities.
So as mentioned above, a basic knowledge of Chinese mandarin sometimes not even be necessary for working in shanghai, especially not in technical positions. Besides your work place, you need to speak Chinese in your life, then you will be released language skills may give you a huge advantage over your life.Although you might not need them to go about your daily business, they will make for smoother dealings with your Chinese colleagues and business contacts. Moreover, the better you speak Chinese, the more jobs you will be able to choose from.
For business purposes, you should acquire some knowledge of Standard Mandarin. While Mandarin lacks complicated inflection  and complex syntax, it does require certain other skills: The tonal properties make good listening comprehension and subtle differences in pronunciation invaluable. Moreover, the many Chinese characters make reading and especially writing more difficult than in languages with alphabetic systems.
Unless your job requires actual fluency in Mandarin, you shouldn’t worry too much about the potential difficulties in studying this language. The honest attempt alone demonstrates open-mindedness, good will, respect of and interest in another culture. Therefore, even speaking Mandarin badly may win your hosts’, coworkers’ or contact person’s favor as they will notice your obvious effort to speak their language.
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