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10 Tips for Learning Chinese
Date:2014-02-07 17:26 From:yanzhu 【Print】 【Closed】 【Collection
1). Read loudly and clearly. Use your listening ability to potentially strengthen your memory, and correct the pronunciation – you will find it much better than reading silently.
2). Study frequently. Spend a little time each day in Chinese – it takes once a week, even if the learning time is very long, it is difficult to learn a language.
3). Piecemeal, not gorged. Slice the study time into several short periods (a few minutes) rather than in a continued long-term. You can use the time when taking bus, eating breakfast, queuing in a store line, or even sitting on the toilet to learn new knowledge and continuously review.
4) Gesture for Tone. When learning the four Pinyin Tones, use your hand to draw a line similar to the shape of the tone so as to rectify pronunciation.
5). Writing characters. If you want to learn Chinese characters, try to write them in a lattice exercise books each time for one or two pages, just as every Chinese pupil does. Remember, pay attention to the structure of characters as well as the stroke order.
6). Make vocabulary cards. Hand-made vocabulary cards can help you improve the character recognition capabilities. In accordance with part of speech (verbs, nouns, etc.) to itemize them, carry around, and have them browsed at any time.
7). Bedtime review. Some people found that review to five minutes before going to sleep can enhance memory. This review should not be time-consuming and not suitable at midnight, because while your body still awakes, the brain is closing to sleep.
8). Find a practice partner. Find a Chinese pal and talk with him/her, you will not only learn how to speak Chinese but also acquire much knowledge about Chinese culture and life experience.
9). Pinyin-free Reading. When reading text block the Pinyin above – what you’re doing is to understand the meaning of the sentences, not the pronunciation. Also, do not write notes beside the text, but on another paper. Develop these habits will make your future learning easier.
10). Enroll in some language course, e.g., Chinese Voice, learning Chinese with experienced teachers who can help you precisely locate your current Mandarin level and make it rapidly improved via professional techniques.
Wish you a success in learning Chinese!
10 Tips for Learning Chinese
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